A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last night we went to Tuscarora Mill (I refuse to call it "Tuskies" like everyone else does) for dinner for Marcia's birthday. It was pretty fun. Apparently the opinion is that it's weird that me and Karl have been married for close to 3 years because we "still look happy". This is the approach my mom takes when I'm screaming about my brother and sister and their marriages... that I can't say anything, really, because I haven't been married long enough. And that, hey, give it time, I'll learn to hate my spouse.

I also heard that we should have kids immediately before I'm too old and before I get a bunch of gray hair (too late, lady); That I should wait to have kids until we have family, parents, someone else near by for a support system; And that we just shouldn't. Lots of married or soon to be married people there and lots of people I didn't know.

I also finally got to see Sam and Charlie. Haven't seen them in ages. Sam will be 2 next week and Charlie is 7 months old, with this perfect "drawing of a baby" sort of baby face. Sam was a little person from day one - Charlie looks like this idealized baby photo come to life. They're both just awesome.

I have this fear that I'm going to leave Sam's birthday with my biological clock ticking so loudly that it's going to keep me up at night. Even hating all the parents (except the ones I like, of course) for being those sorts of "we had a kid because it was part 4 of the 10 part plan I laid out for myself when I was 12" people won't be enough.

I know I'm supposed to be one of those women who never wants to have kids because it fits with the stereotype of the rest of me. But I'm just not.

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