A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Man oh Manishevitz

My goal for today was to wrap up some stuff in my report just until I was awake and motivated enough to tackle cutting the grass in the backyard. The grass is long. "Abandoned house" long in some spots... around a foot tall with seed tops a blooming. The patch of random flowering weeds that looks like I was put there on purpose in its little circle shape just off the corner of the back slab is more like 2 feet tall. If left to grow they'll get to about 4 feet before the flowers die off and they start to rot in on themselves. I still have no idea what they are, but the little purple flowers are pretty. So sometimes, I let them grow on purpose.

The backyard would be a multi-day job anyway. I can't get it all cut in one go. The yard is too big and the grass is too high. The mower chokes on grass taller than a few inches so it's literally a battle of moving the mower forward half a foot and then back half a foot, forward, and back, forward and back over and over to get through just one mower-width strip of grass. And forget about using the bag. Just get it cut down and move the hell on - who cares about the piles of grass hay that will coat the yard afterward.

Just as I was finishing editing some commentary I got an aura. And instead of showing up and then going away like they typically do it's blossoming into an actual headache. So now the grass cutting I wasn't looking forward to in the first place is feeling like more and more of an impossibility. Which is just crap because it was my sole goal for the day, something I busted ass on my report all week in order to be able to do today. Nothing like feeling like the day is a waste before 1pm.

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