A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last Night's Movie

Last night I saw The Company of Wolves. Karl had seen it before but I hadn't so he didn't really tell me anything about it. I was expecting some sort of re-working of Little Red Riding Hood. And I *guess* that's sort of what I got. But after having read about the differences between the book and the movie version MAN am I glad I watched the movie version. The book would have been eye-rolling territory for me. Everything you can express in visual metaphor in a film was spelled out in minute detail in the book because it would need to be.

The author is rather strongly feminist. She spent a chunk of her career "reclaiming" stories written by male authors from a male perspective in a whole range of genres, even including The Marquis de Sade. And while I know that fair tales often were steeped in metaphor, saying thing s allegorically that at the time could not be said outright, I have to wonder if all the metaphorical meaning read in to something like Little Red Riding Hood is seeing what we want or seeing what's really there.

Anyway - I really liked the movie. I'm still definitely digesting it. I think while watching it I was distracted by things I disliked (Angela Landsbury's character, the editing that made it feel as if it were originally a mini-series that was edited to together - which I think I just mistook while watching. I understand why they chose to continue to show the same things again and again for a sense of "where" things were happening) and didn't pay as much attention to some of the deeply metaphorical under pinnings. But I'm definitely stewing it over today. I'm sure I'll end up talking to Karl about it later while he nods at me like "yeah, duh". hehe. I think I was taking it in a more straightforward sense and not as much as an art-house sense. But just changing my perspective on it a little has made it make more sense to me as a whole.

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