A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Our cats are nutbags

All three of the cats were shoved into a very small space on the counter, queuing to get to the food dish when Ryoko started to make those "I'm about to puke" caterwauling noises. If I can catch them about to puke I'll usually pick them up and move them to a better spot. Because it's easier to clean puke off of say... the tiled floor in the kitchen than .. oh.. just for instance... the cloth covered speaker face.

She puked, I held on to her so she could do round two (cats always puke twice) and then I made the mistake - I picked her up. I expected her to bolt immediately because I've never known a cat to want to be held or touched when they don't feel too good. But she latched on and dug in. So I sat there for a minute petting her and letting her get it out of her system. When I tried to put her down she dug in deeper and growled at me. Hmm.

So I waited a minute and tried again. Nope ,angry growl. And Ryoko has been known in the past to just randomly get mad and scratch the fuck out of my face soooo I just held her there. I cleaned up the puke, I fed the dog, I filled up all the water, I put away dishes... for 20 minutes. She didn't decide she should be put down until I sat down on the office chair, at which point she jumped right up to the back of the chair, down to the floor, and back out to the kitchen.

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