A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

So much about one of my former guildies has been laid bare. I lurk their new site because I'm a loser and I want to be first to point and laugh when it all crumbles and turns into horribleness. Petty? definitely. But I have reasons, man.

Anyway - this guy is a frat boy. Really involved with his frat. And he either is awesome and funny and great or a complete dickface self centered douche depending on what day it is. He also gets really mad if you bring up the frat thing to him. My guess is because he knows deep down that he is the stereotype.

He made a post pointing out one of his "idols", and it was Tucker Max.

Tucker Max was on Opie and Anthony at one point and they started off as fans. And then he started telling some of his stories. And it became really apparent really quickly that the guy made all this shit up or at least heavily HEAVILY embellished a lot of it. Sarcasm soars over his head and when directly asked how much of his stuff is fake, he just sort of stammers and squeaks out "none of it!".

(one video, and another that was actually sort of in between the "you're full of shit" comments and him actually leaving when they flipped the book at the door after him)

I don't know what part of it is worse... the fact that the guy needs to make himself feel like a big man by sharing tales of sex and drug exploitation or that he needs to invent things to share. I'm all for juvenile humor. Fart and dick jokes all around, man. But... Tucker Max? I mean... his name alone is too assy to get past.

Who you idolize says a lot about you.

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