A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

We watched a couple movies again over the last couple days. We saw The Return, which has to be one of the most wildly mis-marketed movies of the last 5 years. Even the poster screams "this is a ghost/dead people movie". It would be more aptly described as a mystery, not a horror film. I think that they went out of their way to market this as a horror film because Geller had just done that remake of The Grudge and because studios are getting more and more out of touch with their audiences.

Was it great? No. But it was creepy and effective. There were plot holes and things that were definitely just put there as devices without any real... reason... Nothing stunning, nothing I'm recommending you run right out and see, but definitely not a bad movie at all.

We also watched What Lies Beneath
because Karl had never seen it and I last saw it in theaters. I ended up seeing it because my mom has some weird Michelle Pfeiffer obsession. Like.. she honestly believes Michelle Pfeiffer hasn't had a ton of face work done.

Anyway - it also was marketed as more of a horror movie and it just isn't. Some of the things in the movie are really really effective (glimpses here and there, subtle little things scattered throughout). Again - it's not the best movie in the world, but it's not bad either. It's entertaining, creepy, gripping, and honestly chilling in spots. The trailers for this movie were some of the first to use that "speeding things up to make them spookier" thing. And it's just not that sort of movie. I think it's really underrated. I think that people ignored it because of the cast or were disappointed because it wasn't an out and out horror movie.

The funny thing is that my reaction to this has changed so much since the first time I saw it in 2000. Mostly the characterization. And it isn't just because I know the whole plot... I really saw the characters as vastly different people the first time I saw this. So that's neat.

We still have Switchblade Sisters, Abre Los Ojos, and Barbarella to watch. I've seen Barbarella a billion times but Karl hasn't seen it in a very long time. Thinking maybe we'll have to do a Switchblade Sisters/Barbarella double feature this weekend.

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