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Gonna have to roll it on back.
I breed hate and discontent.
But that person I was screaming at all last week?
I already wrote them a letter aplogizing for the way I went about things.
How it was a symptom of my frustration.
That's all.
But oh no. I piss off everyone I come into contact with through my 'stupidity'.
good to know these things.
I guess that's why I've gone out of my way to make amends with all the people I've had conflict with in the last few years.
Even the stalker.
Talked to him tonight.
He's in Ohio.
He's still psycho.
But he's thinking about getting back on meds.
So that's okay too.

I'm drinking red wine.
Waiting for Brian from California to carry his bootay to work.
I don't think I can hear any more stories about his charcoal brickettes.
Waiting for MLL to get online I think.
Saw invader zim.
it made me laugh and grin A LOT.

I'm gonna go talk to someone I haven't known long enough to add validity to how much I think I know about him.
And I'm gonna LIKE IT.
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