A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm trying to remember to always use the subject line

But isn't a subject line pointless if you aren't actually using it to describe your subject?

I'm sitting here at Karl's office, two pods down from him. Drinking a Vitamin Water and staring at the "Oopsy Daisy, I said the F-word" sticker left behind by the last person who used this cube.

There is also a minature foosball table, two plastic jack'o'lanterns, two packets of Bigelow Mint Medley Herb Tea and a nice corporate mousepad with safety tips like "Run anti-virus software and update it at least once every week. Use a firewall." There is also the oldest web-cam ever.

I hate coming in here becuase the air is all weird and it kicks off some sort of allergic nastiness. I leave with my sinuses throbbing. Maybe I'm just allergic to corporate structure. Or uh... recirculated air. Or the foam used in the padded cube walls. Could be that. Couldn't possibly be psychosomatic. Noooooooo.

How anyone works in this environment I will never ever know. I don't think it's unique to this company either - it's just a general "working in an office" thing. I'm very glad that I almost never have to come here. Even when I'm working with other parts of the same company it's usually done by phone or email. I'm sure that if I had to I could totally deal with working in a cube-ville. I'm pretty adaptable. But here's hoping it never comes to that.

I have to say though - I would be such an ass kicking office manager. If all I had to do all day was file, organize, order, color code, and shit like that I would be so happy. All that "busy work" crap that everyone hates - I thrive on that stuff man. I loooove it. And office supplies. GAAAH I wanna go to office depot now. I actually really need a cork board and a dry erase would be good too. The lack of a cork board is killing me and I ran out of notebooks. I acually butchered an old notebook by ripping out all the used pages to use something for my last study.

I think the vitamin water people didn't get the memo on a basic color/flavor combination. Purple = Grape. No way around it, man. Purple does NOT mean "Fruit Punch". If I thought any beverage company would ignore this most fundamental color/flavor staple I would have read the label more carefully.

I'm wearing one of those shirts that becomes one big wrinkle as soon as you put it on. So from home to here caused enormouse fucked up wrinkles anywhere the fabric bent. My hair also really needs to be re-done because I've got close to an inch of real hair color (in all its mousey brown/gray infused glory) peeking out of my part. it's not a good look.

I need about 3 more hours of sleep, a darker place to sit, a long bath, a back rub, and some tom kha gai soup from that Cee Fine Thai Dining restaurant.

I'll get no sleep, only brighter places to stand, no bathing, no rubbing, and maybe if I'm lucky some take home fajita fixings from Picante.

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