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Come my filthies!

If you're pretty sure I should (meaning I did at one point) have your contact information then post a comment. It's all screened by default so no one will see anything you post. I definitely want the info for all the goats fans people out there. preferred email address, a contact number, maybe even a mailing address if you aren't adverse to the idea of getting random packages from me. Trust me - it sort of takes the wind out of a surprise gift if I have to ask for your address first.

If you've moved or changed a number - I don't have it.

We're entering the land of an organized Holly with a phone that works. Help me exploit this! And if I've already asked for all your info multiple times (like DHA... sorry about that) I promise it won't happen again.


Peaches Sez "You can Pat my Benatar"

ETA: I'm using a blackberry pearl. The red one available from Cingular. The only thing different about the picture and mine is that mine has a red trackball (it's a plug in thingy someone wrote)

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