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May. 31st, 2007

Apparently LJ handed its ass to the enormous fan-fiction community through a really really bad policy flip flop on interests. Is it creepy as fuck that so many people write about incest, young boy and young girl porn and rape and stuff? Yes. But LJ used to say that it couldn't do anything about people just listing interests or talking about things that might be illegal. For instance - they don't ban you for talking about smoking weed, doing coke, or listing those things in your interests. They don't ban you for having "murder" as an interest but the last time I checked that was illegal too.

But all of a sudden creepy people creating stories about NAMBLA-esque scenarios are subject to deletion without any real leeway for changing, making private, etc. those parts that LJ finds questionable.

I could not care less about the fan fiction community and its overwhelming number of "age-play" fanatics and furries. If they all just disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't hurt me in any way. First because fan fiction is terrible and second because, just making a drawing more "anime style" doesn't make it any less child porn. It's the uneven policy keeping that baffles me. It's just a bad business move and runs counter to all their previous policies. Unless they changed their TOS right before they did this. And if they did, why didn't I have to sign a new EULA/TOS agreement? Or is the right to change the TOS without notice part of the TOS? heh.

When a group as long-standing and trusted as Perverted Justice can't get LJ to budge on any of this stuff over a few years, why did these backward, mumbling morons at Warriors for Innocence make them sit up and do something rash? These guys are reactionary idiots. They literally call themselves "the only thing that stands between evil and the innocent."

LJ has apparently taken the stance of the major media outlets in the world and have decided to let extremists set content policies for them. Not shocking, just sad.


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Jun. 1st, 2007 02:09 pm (UTC)
That doesn't seem to be quite how it went down. The WfJ submitted abuse reports about several hundred journals and comms, which LJ then hastily suspended pending investigation, due to concern about genuine threats and legal liability. Unfortunately, due to the flood of reports, they were too hasty in suspending without chance for appeal or alteration of journal interests/content.

Policy still comes down to "LJ doesn't care or monitor until someone complains, then they'll investigate legal concerns."
Jun. 1st, 2007 02:27 pm (UTC)
My point was that Perverted Justice has been offering to help LJ actually track and remove (and get legal involvement where necessary) journals that are definitely from pedophiles, actively involved in child molestation. It's ridiculous that with a user base this large there isn't any sort of monitoring outside of complaints. It's also ridiculous that they decided to finally make some motion of doing something (ham fisted though it was) because a group of vigilante right-wing extremists (neo-confederates, dominists, militia-supporters) threatened to attack their sponsors. Warriors for Innocence is a group of 2, maybe 3 people who have decided to rid the world of that they call "evil". Having THAT group scare you into action is ridiculous when level headed, trusted, non-politically motivated groups couldn't.

The lack of a clear "what is and isn't okay" policy is really biting them in the ass since they couldn't really tell the difference between pro-pedophilia and these fan fiction idiots writing about Harry Potter Snape/Harry slash.

WFJ didn't submit reports about anything with "rape" in the interest list. That was LJ's decision. Further, it was their own decision to let a profile stand on its own without any further investigation into the actual journal. But you're right in that the breakdown was suspension without any contact or chance for changing things. And if you read the TOS, LJ has the right to EITHER let you change something, or just suspend the journal.
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