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I said I'd steal it and I did

The only piece of fan fiction I've ever enjoyed. From Here for those few of you who don't read that journal already. Ya know, I hear he "used to be funny".

The Cosby Blow

a story by Brad Sixapartington

One day Bill Cosby was happily walking along a corridor in whichever studio he films his shows in, when all of a sudden he saw a supporting cast member. "Hello" he said "I'm THE BOSS". "Yes" the supporting cast member replied "I know". "TOO RIGHT" Cosby retorted "Want to go make the scene or something?". "Not really" the supporting cast member bounced back with, then smiled. "Can I tell you a secret Bill?" the sly transformers t-shirt wearing supporting cast member, who ironically had lost their mind the week before and thus was literally needing support (of the moral kind).
"No" Cosby shouted and sat down, because he was old and tired after I-Spy and some other shite. It was just around that time that a magical yet dull korean cyborg appeared and asked Cosby if he wanted to help stop the evil Civil Servant Azsssshhhhh who had given freedom to all of Metropolis and turned Superman into a republican. "No" Cosby replied and walked home into his boat. As he walked in his children appeared and they lezzed up. Then his 50,000 other kids appeared and they lezzed up too. Cosby had a heart attack and died as he lived, coming inside his pretend extended jailbait showbiz fake family. And you know what? he liked it.

The End
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