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Allison is kicking the ass of the coast. I'm glad it was dissipated to this point when it hit else or we would have been in the shit.
Water water everywhere...
and not a drop to drink.
So I'll just have this coffee instead, yo.

My head hurts.
I need drugs.
My back hurts.
I need drugs and a backrub.
I just realized that this shit is in 24 hour time when you post from the site. Dammit I hate 24 hour time. I'd rather just use standard and convert the shit out of the timezones as need be. You have to convert time zones *anyway* so that's the point really? Is it that hard to add an "a.m." or "p.m." to stuff?
I'm posting from the site because I can't get the client to connect.
And I'm going without mail because disinfo is fucking with their servers AGAIN. Forbidden
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
It's every other day if not *more* often.
It's getting very aggravating.
I've heard insanity is more stable. Any other suggestions?
speaking of Gir...
Is it wrong that I know .. I just KNOW that when they gear up the merchandising for that show that I will be first in line for a lil gir doll?
As long as it has its lil tongue hanging out. And preferably with the spikey triangle eyes.
And maybe one that giggles.
I ... I like gir too much.
This is bad.
One episode and I'm hooked.


Yes well.
More coffee and more for meeester journal later.
Yes. my journal is a dude.
did you expect something else?
my friend.
known me longer than AAAAAANY of you. Yep. Even you Rhett.
I uh .. yeah . I go now.
(hope that link works.

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