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Oh my god... have there been any reports of loose women on 7 headed beasts roaming around? I found a Wilco song I like.

"At Least That's What You Said" is a good song. Is this because most of it is just music? Maybe. I still fucking hate duder's voice. Most of the songs on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot just sound like 20 year olds who got obsessed with the Beatles. Seriously the indie ass licking that went on over that album in the last 5 years is fucking amazing. If you have no musical background/ have only listened to top 40 radio in the last 15 years then sure... I could see being blown away. But c'mon now.
Anyway "A Ghost Is Born" is much better. I just want him to stop singing. Really.

Just stop singing. You can write the songs, you can arrange them, you can make all the faux-deep lyrics you want... just stop singing so I can enjoy at least some of the music on a couple of your albums.

I also have a migraine so this is totally not a good music evaluation day. But the migraine might explain why I'm doing it too. I get hung up on ideas and can't let them go when I'm all migrainey.

Something else - The Polyphonic Spree is just not good music. It just isn't. Tim DeLaughter is not the music messiah that Spin magazine would have you hail him as.

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