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(I haven't really used the LJ scrapbook thing before... this is a "thumbnail", clicking on it produces a slightly larger, slightly less compressed image. This was an informative picture, by the way - not a pretty one. Don't go judging my camera skills based on this)

This is Bo Nuong Xa (grilled lemongrass beef skewers with rice noodles) or at least my whitey version of it. This was a first attempt that was sort of ill prepared and rushed. Ideally I'd have liked to have more fresh basil on hand and some whole green leaf lettuce. But it was good as is and the Nuaoc Cham sauce is going to become a staple. I love lime/fish sauce anyway, but I think making a paste of the garlic and the chilis and the sugar really lends something to the flavor. The marinade for the beef was great too - basically a puree of lemongrass and ginger with small amounts of fish sauce, soy, and sesame oil.

Outside of summer rolls I haven't really done any Vietnamese cooking before but I like what little I've done. So that will probably be the new obsession.

MUST get a bigger mortar and pestle. Everything needs to be ground. And while I managed to make my own toasted rice powder, grinding chilis into a paste is a pain in the ass in a 3 inch mortar meant for small herbs.


Jun. 29th, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
Re: Vietnamese
Haha.. those are summer rolls and I make them a lot.

I usually though use whole sweet basil as like... a layer of greenery, then chicken, shredded carrot, and the vermicelli. You can make the Nuac Cham (I should post that recipe) for them or just use a bottled "sweet thai dipping sauce" or.. hell.. just soy - whatever you prefer.

They go really well with Larb (pork or chicken)

I found them years ago at a "japanese" place run by filipinos serving pan-asian stuff but giving it japanese and chinese names. It was a confused little place.

You're right - they're so easy that it feels like you might as well be making a grilled cheese sandwich. It doesn't really "count" as cooking almost.


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