A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I played WoW for like... 4? 5? hours today. First time that's happened in a very very long time.

Last night we watched M and it was fantastic. Karl had seen it, but I had not. That's up to 3 Fritz Lang films now from not having seen any before uh.. last month.

It also reminded me that Mtv used to assume that its viewers were educated and into art, films, and literature. For instance, Henry Selick had Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions cut up for a bumper, Aidan Quinn read a bit out of Metamorphosis, and one bumper showed Peter Lorre, running down a street with an Mtv logo slapped on his shoulder, begging for mercy. If you'd never seen M that bumper made no sense at all.

It makes me sad that poorly produced derivative television shows produce more revenue than videos and that "more revenue" will always win.

Oh - and Happy Canada Day!

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