A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Now that it's all calmed down (some. The hysterical cause-heads are still flipping out) I was reading through some of the news/biz posts about the issues with banning accounts a few months ago. And it's the usual "oh my trust has been destroyed... I .. I'm so fragile now that LJ has hurt me like this" hysterical bullshit.

But my favorite exchange so far has been someone bitching about SixApart and their obviously evil machinations. One of the things on their list was "several (paid, even) users being unable to post more than one sentence for a week just because they can't manage spam". I was confused about this until the news guy responded with: "I don't think you understand what a DDOS is".

So in la la bunny-fuck land where this person is a magical dinosaur-fox who frolicks and yiffs their days away a DDoS is just some "spam". And they're all so upset at the "tone" they're receiving... so upset that it's "smug" or condescending. Your journal's main use is writing stories and drawing picture depicting child figures fucking each other. Sometimes in fursuits. Excuse me while I fail to find it in my heart to validate your "art" with the extremely respectful tone you feel it deserves.

The crazies are super crazy. I read these comments and understand more and more the victimizing of the US. We're all victims, we need to be coddled and protected from things that scare us. There is no personal responsibility - it's up to companies and corporations to swaddle us in cotton.

grosses me out. And I have zero sympathy for all the "childlove" and "adult/teen" communities that were banned and all their softcore written/drawn equivalent groups. You can put all the anime eyes on it you want... it's still little kid porn.

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