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Question.... I point out someone is being a flirt...
that makes me jealous...
stupid, young lil girl is I.
And she's writing gloating posts to.. well... no one.
::shakes her head::
it's just strange to see someone that ... withdrawn from reality.. I think is the only way I can put it.
Don't like the bitch at all. Nothing worthy there.
*moving on* (tried to do that several times now, but I can't let someone talk blatant bullshit and not say anything. They start thinking it's because you're cowed by them and they attempt it more often.)

Spent a big chunk of my night whining and crying. I needed to. Needed to get out all that fear I've been carrying around after Sean.
Mike and Tim? given up on them. Fuck them. They can't understand why I'm pissed at them.
Robert? I like being his shoulder to cry on.. .but he's not here about Tom anymore. He's not even asking questions. If he's going to settle in, I wish he'd just say so and get a place instead of living out of the hotel room and that one suitcase like a refugee with 3 piece suits.
I'm so glad I'm talking to scoria again. I really am. I just worry that I'm not going to pay him enough attention. I dunno. I hope he can be patient with me. I sort of require a lot of that.
But well.. heh.. he knows that.

I know MLL will remain patient because he's some sort of alien creature from Gluttonia and he will always and forever just be asking for more.
Damned weirdos.

Stinky Hippy wrote me back a lil something.
That's good.
talking is good.
very very good.
So, yeah, despite the miserable, annoying, junky lovin, crack addict looking, deluded, pathetic, moronic cunt, the morning has been fine.
I've been making interesting cheese, turkey, onion, tomato quesadillas for the familia.
strange stuff but good.
and hmm... time for more coffee. maybe a walk.


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Jun. 17th, 2001 01:54 pm (UTC)
Alien... yup.

Now if my species could only breath through their ears and lick their eyebrows.

That'd RULE.

I wonder if I have acid for blood.
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