A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Bonus if you can identify the movie this icon is from without looking at my user pic info

So far today, in no particular order, I've:

Defrosted the freezer (an hour and a half with the hair dryer and a few towels)
Washed/dried/folded one load of towels
Washed/dried/hung up one load of shirts for Karl
Done dishes (including scrubbing in vain at an un-cleanable pan)
gathered, emptied, rinsed, etc. stuff for recycling
Signed up for auto-delivery coffee
Read 3 days worth of friends list
Cleaned off the desk that has never ever been cleaned off to make room for my laptop
Cleaned out the litter boxes
Soaked glutinous rice to make sticky rice(takes 6 to 8 hours just for soaking)
Ate a piece of raw holy basil for the first time. It's awesome.

Most of this happened after I sat here like a drooling idiot until about noon.
In a bit I'll start steaming the sticky rice, and getting together everything to make Gai Pad Grapow (thai chicken with basil). And hopefully tonight we have time to watch a movie before we go to bed.

I've been sleeping fine, but I've felt either tweaked out or wiped with no happy medium. But I've honestly accomplished more today in about 5 hours than I have in the last three weeks. It's sad.

OH - and while I cleaned the desk, I found a card that came with some flowers that Karl sent me. It said "At least you weren't attacked by zombies today." He's awesome.

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