A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

"To order, replace, upgrade equipment and services press one. For all other call reasons press two"

uhm... what? I listened to that 3 times and was still unsure what to do.

I'm calling Sprint to cancel my old phone service. Their hold music is like... if someone took shitty meandering elevator Musak, added a dance beat to it, and then re-recorded it through several different analog tape types to get a really muddied sound that manages to still get ear-piercingly sharp in places. And then, have it play at random volumes when it fades back in from the "please hold, all of our representatives are currently assisting other customers" reminders. I'm totally picturing an old brown tape deck with a mic pushed up against one of the speakers.

It's cute to me that companies that are all about appearing cutting edge, advanced, and high tech still use these call in numbers for service when you want to cancel something. You can do everything else online, but we're gonna take the AOL route and make you CALL US to actually get rid of the service. Lord knows we don't want you to make a decision WITHOUT talking to a poorly trained, bored, script reading phone bank worker.

finally got through... this one's a mumbler. AWESOME. GUUH

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