A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I was going to post this in the super secret club but I don't want some holier than though geek fuck getting up in my grits about it.

This was from the Dreamhost newsletter sent out right after the iPhone launch. Apparently typing on it is... interesting.

0. Introduction.

Hello happy sdreanhoat vjsrlnwrs! And welcome to the June 2007 iSsue of the dreamhost newsletter...special iNdependence day edition! It's also special iPhone edoton, because I'm writing this in an apple store on an iPhone! iDon't know if you can tell or bot but this is my first time thpunv on one.. And iMust say I'm prefer awesome ar if!!

I'm gong to wrote by whole bewsletter here on this demo iPhone standing in the apple store! I hope you arexoate the sacrifices um making for you people.

Why the iPhone excitenmes? And why am iUsing an iPhone in a store insteand of my own? Becaous iHad to GIVE the one iWaited in line for to some kycjy custiemer who waon the iPhone contest we jsuta had on the blog!!


OMG. Do NOT tryh and do URLs that logn on na iPhone! Ohew. It to ok like three minutees ! And one thing weird iNoticed on his iPhone is it is alwaysa taking words iWrite and combining them automaitcally into an some kind of iPhone-style thigna.

This is crazy. I'm gpong to have to amek this a newsletter of a lot of links and pot a lot of typing I'm afraid. BEGIN!

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