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Aug. 3rd, 2007

I accidentally left Last.fm just running along last night on a "find things similar to Radiohead" query. I was hitting the "ban" button constantly yesterday while actively listening. But Karl came home and I hit mute on the keyboard and completely forgot it was running. Now I'm mortified by some of the things in the "recently played" list because I just installed and started using it so this is how it will build recommendations.

On a tangent... what the fuck is with "scrobbling"? That alone almost made me not use it. It sounds like some faux clever combination of words that someone thought was cool. Like... oh I dunno... "blog" for instance. bleeeeh.

Anyway - In addition to messing up and leaving it going while I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday (letting things like Harvey Danger, Linkin Park, The Bloodhound Gang, and Alien Ant Farm in), it apparently played all night long and played a lot of things that, were I listening, I would have slammed the "ban" button on. Maybe that's why I slept so poorly... some part of my subconscious just knew that this shit was going on in the next room. The last track I remember was Radiohead's "Myxamatosis". After that it wavers and then gets horrible.

Staind, Dave Matthews Band, Starsailor, John Fruisciante, COUNTING CROWS, The Strokes, 30 MOTHERFUCKING seconds to Mars, Barenaked Ladies, Babyshambles, Billy Corgan, Bloc Party, Death Cab for Cutie, and Blind Melon.

The "related to Radiohead" links are a little fucking broad, I think. I've learned my lesson. I have to watch the playlist like a hawk or I'm going to end up with recommendations for things that I despise. And then it's just any radio at all, so what would be the point?


Aug. 3rd, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
Re: I wonder if i can ban it from all Billy Joel, period
it does what's called "scrobbling". It records things you listen to and based on your listening habits gives you suggestions. So it thinks that the things related to radiohead are all things I like. And apparently it isn't too smart because even after smacking "ban" on 5 different Blind Melon and 8 different Smashing Pumpkin songs it still fed me songs from them... so I guess it's just banning the song, not the artist.

I still don't get how the banning and "love"-ing actually work though. I can either ban a song or add it to my "love" list. And I don't "love" a lot of stuff so there isn't a whole lot that I've added to that list.

I guess the neat thing is that I'm listening to things I normally wouldn't. But it annoys me that it keeps playing things that I really hate (like the Smashing Pumpkins) even after banning their songs over and over. It's just not smart enough.

The only reason I'm using it at all is Rhapsody doesn't like 64 bit Vista.


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