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I'm really not used to this Opera mini browser on my phone. It's nice and zippy but it's just laid out oddly and I can't figure out how to switch applications. Anyway, my computer is doing some fucked up thing that's related to some process that I can't seem to get to close. It makes it impossible to do anything because it all loses focus over and over like there is another program opening or running actively, no matter what's open. So I'm posting from bed from my phone.

Earlier I decided I'd watch tv. We've got like 700 channels so there's gotta be something, right? I ended up watching Hideaway for about 20 minutes. I couldn't take any more, shirtless Jeff Goldblum or not. I think I need something mind altering to actually really enjoy Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.. It's cute, though. And it doesn't look like another Krickfalusi ripoff like so many other popular cartoons. Well, all the cartoons that don't look like anime.

Fuck I'm bored and too tired to actually seek out something to keep me entertained. So I'm whining instead.
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