A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm shocked at how smart Pandora is. I started with Depeche Mode and it went to Erasure, then The Cure (before Robert Smith exploded into vile), then Peter Gabriel, a newer Depeche Mode song, a New Order single, then Tained Love by Soft Cell - all from a similar time period and electronic/new wave sound. Other players and music services think that shit like The Bravery (which is trying really hard to sound like a new wave band) is actually the same thing or in the same genre or has anything actually in common with the new wave acts it's attempting to sound like.

If you're a fan of a genre you can always tell the real thing from the derivative, boiled down broad strokes the fakey bands try. I can't listen to most of the "swing boom" shit from a few years back. But there is a huge difference between The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Cherry Poppin Daddies. Brian Setzer has been making swing music since he started. Those other guys were literally a "punk" band (read: trying to be Green Day) about 6 months before their swing album came out. And before they were "punk" they were something else.

Most sites go off of user applied tags, though. And with the lack of general music knowledge out there I'm not surprised how off they usually are.

Recently on the photo forum thing I'm a member of someone attributed "99 problems" to Jay-Z and then when I pointed out it was Ice-T first they called me a cracker for obviously having no clue what I was talking about. Which - coming from a couple white guys doesn't mean anything to me, but it's still funny. And this was coming from people who in general usually at least have a clue what they're talking about - not random 15 year olds. So if they can't apply a general music knowledge that crosses a few genres you just can't expect top 40 kids to do it.

That's why I can't give zornog too much shit about the Decemberists. He's too good at actually making up his own mind about what he listens to. So he likes them because he HONESTLY likes them, not because the "indie" thing continues to be trendy. So that's totally cool, but horribly rare.

Anyway - different topic altogether - for his birthday, all the people we went to dinner with pooled together and got Karl a Wii. So we continue the long line of "every game system". The other day we opened up this chest in the living room looking for our camcorder (that we never found) and I got a look at all the game systems Karl's had over the years. There were things in there I'd never seen before. I only ever owned an Atari 26000 and literally no other gaming thingy until the XBox Karl bought me for winter holidays or my birthday or something. Can't remember which. He has a Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and like 5 others I can't remember. AND all the games and controllers to go with them. We could literally just hook up and play some Sega Saturn games right now.

The Wii is fun. So far I've only played a couple games (Mario Party eleventybillion, Smooth Moves, Cooking Mama, and Wii Sports) but it's just stupidly cool. I wish they'd quit with the "everything has to look like Mac OSX" interface - but it's still really cool despite that.
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