A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

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fogged in

incredibly crackheaded at the moment.
well not at the moment anymore.
at that other moment.
back there.
in the corner.

wish I had something to actually say
it would be nice
to write with this fog
gonna go out tomorrow.
do something productive.
haven't left the house in a bit.
scared the psycho will pop up.
silly of me.
yes I know
but fuck it.
I'm giving into my neurosis.
for now.
tomorrow I'll be fine again, I think
because I've decided I will be.

fuzzy head
I want to sleep
but I also want to stay awake all night.

"I got blood on my hands cuz I got no remorse..."
heard the song once and it's still stuck there.

recived awesome cds today
very very very nice, meester DJ
I didn't have enough volume the last time.. but parts of it there...
I can almost feel that nice cool down moment..
that spinning on an empty deck...
waiting for it.
knowing it's almost here...
and then seeing the whole floor explode up with me when it hits again

like those lil electronic football games with the shaking bases..
the pieces just putter around.
until you cut off the feed.
and pop back to live when you plug it back in.

except... with glo sticks...


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