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Erasure - On The Road to Nashville

By the way, this is an incredibly good album.

Doesn't matter if you don't like synth pop. This is an acoustic live album. The songs have been arranged by Vince Clark and Steve Walsh (from the band Kansas) into steel guitar/country/western/bluegrass acoustic tracks. They hold up. They hold up incredibly well. You don't need to already have affection for or a connection to the source material. At no point does Andy Bell camp it up in any way shape or form. It doesn't come across as gimmicky or as a pointless re-do. The songs are honestly just *good*. Vince Clark has always been a little cheesy or broadly romantic in his lyrics. But it's part of the charm, I think. And I HATE your typical pop love song shit.

If you *despise* country western music then give it a pass, you'll hate it. Otherwise I would highly recommend it. I'm just pretty surprised at how good it is and that I didn't know about it.
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