A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Verizon flyered the neighborhood a couple weeks ago saying that they were going to be upgrading their lines and that there would be digging in public easements and on private properties.

First - our backyard is way way overgrown. Between the heat, the general shitty allergy crap, and the work stress Karl's been under we haven't set aside a bunch of yard work time. So around the edges, in the ivy, under the canopy of trees there is quite a bit of wild undergrowth, shit I need to chop down, fallen branches to saw to pieces and stack, etc. I got a start on cutting it all back on Friday and was doing some other outside clean up, preparing to start clearing the back yesterday.

But that's when they started digging. And I discovered that what I thought was just a general "there is a big thing here to avoid" line all the way across our very wide back yard was actually a dig line. They started the compressor? (very loud thing that runs the entire time they're working. I'm assuming it's to help them feed the line but who knows) up at around 10 or so in the morning and it went all day until around 4. They were working a couple yards over so it was annoying but not horrible and I was still able to take the dog out without her freaking out.

This morning they started at 7. In addition to the compressor going since then there have been 5 or 6 guys milling around the house and talking very loudly. I have the kind of dog who barks if a car drives up the street or pulls into a driveway 3 houses down. She's super protective, especially when it's just me here with her. If ever there was a day I wanted to convince Karl to stay home from work - this is it. A little while ago what looked like 3 14 or 15 year old kids spent 20 minutes (no really) trying to park an SUV with another compressor hitched to it out in front of the house. They just about finished when they realized they were blocking two different driveways and had to start over. That makes you feel good about the guys digging shoulder deep holes all over your yard.

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