A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

We saw Halloween last night. It was very very very good. REALLY good. Much better than I expected. It makes the original feel safe and thin by comparison. And not just because of the time period.

Apparently we are in the minority. American horror fans like schlock 80s shit, pointless gore porn like Saw and Hostel, or the most repetitive remade dumbed down americanized remakes of movies that worked in their original Asian contexts. To me those things are pretty fucking pointless unless I'm specifically looking for something I can laugh at. Believe me - my B horror collection is full and healthy.

I've seen complaints about this movie ranging from the fact that there was too much plot (oh my god - an explanation on the MAKING of a serial killer and it has nothing to do with CSI), too little plot or plot holes (it's pretty straightforward and most of the stuff they claim as a hole was explained and they just didn't understand it or they missed it), or that it was actually too different from the original. Because remakes should just be a shot for shot retelling of the original. That hasn't been done a billion times.

Unfortunately very few self described horror fans I've seen commenting about this are actually into what I would define as horror. They like action flicks with blood. None of these people would appreciate Giallo. None of them would honestly feel that Hell House or the original House on Haunted Hill were honestly frightening, suspenseful, etc. Because "nothing happens" in those movies or because, like in Giallo, you're required to suspend your disbelief and look at it all on a purely nightmare level.

People WANT to hate this movie. Because it's a remake. Because they've convinced themselves that John Carpenter is some un-fuckwithable icon. Because it's Rob Zombie. Because they honestly believe they know what they're talking about when over and over again they point out utterly incorrect "facts" about movies (especially the original Halloween). Because they're frustrated film students who insist that their by the book standards weren't upheld (fucking ridiculous ranting about the 180 rule). Or because they just want to be too cool for the room.

And If any of them were just saying "I didn't like it becuase..." that would be fine. I totally respect you just not digging it for whatever reasons. But don't come at it from an authoritative "It was a bad movie becuase..." stance - especially when you're a clueless douche about the genre you're claiming this movie doesn't count as.

OH - and the "if you like (or don't like) XXX you aren't a true XXXX" shit is outta hand. According to the nintendo loving doucebags I've talked to - I'm not a "real gamer" if I haven't gotten way into and played the fuck out of pretty much the entire nintendo catalog. According to the hardcore geeks I know I'm not a "real computer person" if I use Windows. And according to slasher idiots, I'm not a "real horror fan" if I liked this remake of Halloween. Honestly, if they're setting the example for those titles I'm pleased to be counted out.
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