A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Lately I've been reading Vice magazine which people from Stumble Upon apparently think is porn. Interesting.

Anyway - flipping through Vice is interesting you you look at the overall layout and juxtaposition. On this page, an article about a protest rally in China that stayed peaceful for a change. The facing page is an ad for Steve Aoki's jeans (I think. It's hard to tell). A little further in there's an article about how Afghanistan is cranking out junkies hand over fist in the midst of their booming drug trade. The facing page? Sneakers.

A fashion magazine that's trying to present meaningful photo journalism. But the "journalism" part is rarely much more than a glorified caption. For instance, last month online someone linked to this article about people in the UK who've been issued Anti-Social Behavior Orders that bar them from entering villages or riding public transport and other restrictions on their freedom rather than putting them in jail or going through a trial process.

There are a couple photos there and a little bit of text explaining what the orders are... sort of. I thought it was really dodgy and didn't explain nearly enough about what the ASBOs were, what sorts of things they were given for, and how people who AREN'T receiving them feel about them. When you have to go to wikipedia to fill in all the blanks in a magazine article concerning something as straightforward as this you have the question the editors' intentions for the magazine.

Who knows - maybe I just expect too much information. But between the unintentional humor of the dichotomy present in the placement of ads and the superficial writing I'm just confused by the point of the thing.

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