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I just made an ass of myself sending out mail about this so I might as well cover all my ass-making bases.

I'm looking for someone named Jay. He used to be AutoKaotik on the Random Game years and years and years ago. I fell out of contact with him because I was dumb and embarrassed after an ex tried to drag poor Jay into the fiasco that was the breakup. I did talk to him a couple years ago briefly but something happened (I don't remember) and we fell out of contact. He was a good friend and I'd like to find him again. The last time I talked to him I'm pretty sure he was still living in Massachusetts and I think he had a help desk job. My memory is shitty. He was talking about/thinking about making a break for it and moving out to the west coast somewhere.

If any of this is familiar or you just happen to know exactly who the fuck it is I'm talking about let me know.

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