A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I always sleep like pure ass when Karl isn't around. I also tend to leave most of the lights on too. Crazy pills or not - I've got a crazy vivid imagination and I WILL freak myself if allowed to. I compounded that last night by watching something fairly spooky. Then I couldn't sleep. So I watched TV. Got wrapped up in what I was watching (The Naked Archaeologist on The History Channel. A two part episode where he looked for Mt. Sinai. I'd never seen him before and was pretty into it) and didn't get to bed until much later than I should have.

The dog has been doing this thing lately where sometimes she just gets off the bed in the middle of the night. It's almost always because she's got some runny poop issues and needs a bathroom trip. But last night she did it for nothing more than pee. But she perked at "hungry" when I went through her list of buzz words. So I gave her a little food and that apparently fixed the issue.

I slept very lightly the whole night, frequently awake. I was finally actually asleep at around 8 this morning when the power flipped, causing an odd "whump" noise in the house which startled the dog and cats and woke me up. I never got back to sleep.

SO - I've had less than 4 hours of actual sleep. I've got a sinus headache. I feel like death. The pup is whiny (normal after a night without Karl), and I can't believe it's already 11. I know Karl didn't sleep for shit either so it's going to be one hell of a punchy evening.

I guess at some point I'll write something that's more interesting than my random babble. I don't have a lot going on day to day right now (still no work) but that's probably a good thing. I dunno. Desperately need the correct batteries for my DSLR so I can get back to taking photos. Desperately need to find my Minolta so I can reconnect to film. I blew through 4 rolls in my sigma film SLR and most of them are a light level nightmare. I've lost the feel for it. And that just can't fucking continue.

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