A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

In an attempt to get from Richmond to Greenbelt Maryland last night (pretty much a straight shot up 95 then either 295 north or 495 north... they cross over each other right at Greenbelt), my brother got lost, took a wrong turn, or overshot by about 45 miles 4 different times. He called me for directions while he pulled off the side of the road. Typically he was parked on the shoulder lane of an interstate. One time he called thinking he was in Virginia... but was just passing a sign for Olney Maryland which is nearly central, MD.

My favorite was the time he didn't stay on 295N as it turned into the Anacosta freeway (and then 3 other names before it becomes the Baltimore Washington Parkway or Rt. 295N) and instead went left. He called me from a no stopping zone at the corner of E Street SE and 3rd Street SE. Unless you know Norfolk you get why it was so funny that he said Southeast looked "just like Ghent". I would walk through Ghent alone at night. In fact I have done, many times. I used to hang out at a cafe in that area and frequently took little strolls at 2/3 in the morning. I would have to have people with me and it would have to be broad daylight for me to walk through Southeast.

ONLY someone from my family could wind up with that sort of dumb "luck".

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