A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I largely ignore Encylopedia Dramatica. But it got linked today in a community so I went to their main page and found an article about the Rational Response Squad. And it was pretty hilarious. But the synopsis on their mainpage isn't in that article so I'm copying it here, links and all.

The Rational Response Squad are a group of hardcore evangelical atheists whose only goal is to spout inane atheist propaganda in a desperate attempt to provoke religious people into an extreme rage and thus validate their fragile egos. Ironically, their extreme hatred towards people who believe in God is very irrational.

The RRS claim to have "rich and powerful" financial backers (Paypal and Brian's mom) that have enabled them to live in a house together where they constantly wear their own RRS-branded t-shirts and spend 24 hours a day on Stickam and Youtube "speading the word about atheism". While this is typical of cult behavior, it is currently unknown whether or not the group is harvesting firearms.
Like all good wannabe internet media whores RRS created an advertisement on Wikipedia which was promptly deleted only to be reinstated three months later after a dedicated campaign and sexual favors produced a passing mention in a Newsweek article and one mention in a Fox News blog. ((ATHEIST RETARDS!! ON MY INTERNETS?? - TELL ME MOAR!))

For the record, atheists are dandy in my book. I've always felt that freedom OF religion is also freedom FROM religion. It isn't really stated that way in our constitution - but it should be. I think wackadoo groups are wackadoo groups, it doesn't really matter what they're batshit crazy about. And calling yourself "rational" while being clearly un-rational is funny.

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