A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The cold I had for a week apparently loves me. It's following the wise advice of .38 Special and hanging on loosely but not letting go. It thinks it's okay for me to look into other ailments and for it to infect other hosts... but wants us to both know that at heart we belong together. It's sweet, really.

Speaking of sickness:

Error 500: Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

The problem is on the server side, not with your browser or the address. Most probably, a certain service (e.g., Tomcat engine) is down. Please contact your webmaster.

that can't be good. I have no idea what Tomcat engine is. But it sounds like something you'd want running.

My dog, Mika, is doing this thing lately where she gets up out of bed every two hours. That wakes me up. Sometimes I can get her back into bed. Sometimes I take her out and she'll come back to bed then. Sometimes it seems like she's just hungry and can't wait another 3 hours to eat. But it's random. One night she'll wake up once, right in the middle, wanting to go to the bathroom. Another (like last night) she literally wakes up every two hours for no discernible reason until I give the fuck up and just get up. Then she'll go back to the bed and sleep for hours until Karl gets up. I've always been a light sleeper (when I haven't been an insomniac) so it's not like I can sleep through this. She so much as shifts and I'm awake again. It's starting to really fuck me up because I'm "sleeping" but not really getting any REM sleep. And Karl hasn't been getting a lot of sleep either. So between us we're cracked out and snippy and around each other ALL the time. Which I dig. But I'm waiting for it to explode because we aren't really ourselves.

After a crazy stress day yesterday we watched The Simpsons movie to decompress. It wasn't BEST THING EVAAR but it was pretty good and in a few places hysterical. And it was the silly sort of stuff we needed. So yay.

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