A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Wednesday night we finished up our first report for the new business. It was sent off ahead of schedule. We're pretty happy with the results and we had some sparkling wine (from Alsace so it's French but not champagne)and watched some TV and generally unwound. At some point the dog got open a container of cookies I'd made and ate the whole thing. It was too funny to be mad - but still - that's a lot of cookies I have to make again.
Trying to sleep that night I was awake every 20 minutes or so. The dog's bizarre schedule continues (wanting food or to go outside at random hours in the middle of the night). Between her, the general uncomfortable twisting around I was doing to keep all the animals on the bed happy, and general cramps and awfulness due to my awful, selfish uterus I got very little sleep. Maybe 2 hours all told. I eventually just got up and gave up on sleep so yesterday was a crappy day.

Well today the plan was to get the car inspected, go out and finally take my drivers test (I've had a learner's permit for like...4 years or so. I'm the queen procrastinator), and then tonight to go to dinner with everyone for Jon's birthday. Jon is a good friend of Marcia's who's come out to visit for the holidays, but also to help her recover from surgery she just had.

So last night we went to bed at a decent hour. The dog got up twice wanting to go out before I'd even fallen asleep. Earlier Karl told me that he would take the dog out if she needed to go in the middle of the night because he wanted me to actually sleep. He was up literally every 15 minutes taking her back out. Apparently the cookies she'd eaten really fucked her stomach. Pure liquid poop non-stop all night. Neither one of us was really sleeping so he just got up, came into the studio to play games. I managed to sleep a few hours, but probably not much more than I did the night before. Around 8:30 this morning he came back to bed and almost immediately Mika wanted back out. So we basically switched. I gave up and got up, he's in there sleeping now.

I tried to sneak back and just lay down for a bit but it's like she doesn't want to sleep if both of us are in bed now. As soon as I was actually in bed she jumped down and wouldn't get back up until I left the room.

The only good thing about all of this is that at least neither of us are dealing with a job we have to go to an office for or be available for at any specific time. If this was happening AND Karl still had a 25 to 30 mile commute each morning we'd be totally fucked.

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