A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

After switching Mika off to a bland diet she seemed good. No more crazy poop, she was bouncy again. But she wasn't passing anything (except urine). I know rice isn't going to produce a huge stool - but there should be something. Nothing for about 24 hours. And at 4 am she woke me up (I thought she might need to go outside) and before I could get her out the door she puked a little. Happens with her breed/mix a lot and is usually totally normal. But there was a pink tinge to the puke and it had some little dots of blood.

I tried giving her a little bit of food and she was completely disinterested.

So we took her to the emergency place. Chest x ray looks good, she's acting normal, not in pain, no obstructions that they see so far. They're keeping her. She was beginning to be a little dehydrated. So they've got her on IV fluids and they're going to give her some antacid as well as a drug to help coat/heal any places in her GI tract that might be irritated or have had some acid exposure. They're going to see how she does with that and then try her on some food/water sometime this afternoon. Hopefully we can have her back tonight if she does well. If not they might keep her until sometime Monday. They're just being super cautious. She's a healthy 4 year old dog without any history of illness. She's fine, I'm sure.

I am, of course, a ball of freak out. I'm scared and just upset that we had to leave her there. I know it's for her good and it means she'll be better taken care of. But I still want my dog.

So yeah. Shitty night.

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