A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

mmmmm gingery

And not like a Weasley.

It makes me a little ill that that's the first ginger that popped to mind. meh.

Anyway - I'm making gyoza. Or potstickers. Or chinese meat dumplings. Or any of the other 30 names there are for them. I've only made them once before and they were a greasy sloppy nightmare. So here's hoping I'm a little more prepared this time. I just chopped up a knob of ginger and my hands reek of it. So it's aromatherapy typing. Aint that swell?

From several entries ago - the dog is fine. I had to give her antacids for a week twice a day and slowly transition her back to normal food. She's still getting up in the middle of the night, but now it's just because she's bored, not because she's going to blow ass all over the place.

We're in a brief pause between projects. But apparently Steph is a monster and her last trip was a big success and we're set to be swamped. Which is fine with me. I haven't had steady work in almost a year. And for someone as weirdly OCD/need to be occupied/hyper vigilant with deadlines that's just a fucked up place to be.

I'm going to embarrass him and note that Jay got in touch with me. (I'm not using MySpace and I'm not one of your local friends so you can fucking deal -insert smiley here- )Some of you reading this got mail from me awhile back asking if you knew where he was. He sent me a note out of the blue yesterday. So yay.

Recently we've watched some older anime stuff that I've never seen. Karl was interested in/ buying anime well before I'd even learned what it was enough to hate it. I don't hate it all anymore. Just most of it. And its fans. Soooo yeah. Iria (based on Zeiram) is neat so far. Battle Angel Alita was cool. Karl is afraid to show me Devil Hunter Yoko because he thinks the fan-service-y aspects might make me despise it. And they might, who knows.
For modern stuff, Red Lagoon and Welcome to the NHK are both great. Flag is really good. And Death Note I don't think I've seen enough of to know what to think. I've only gotten through the one episode.

I Finally saw Kubrick's Lolita. And promptly determined people are fucking morons. I'll go into that in its own post because I can't believe how misunderstood that entire story is.

In honor of all the anime - I'm using my tentacle porn hat picture.

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