A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Those liberal asses with their Christian hate!

This guy's reviews fascinate me.

Apparently just about everything he reviews (outside of Shirley Temple movies and Buster Keaton) has a pervasive, gross "leftist agenda". A movie about Pablo Neruda... a communist (and judging by the quotes around his name in the review, someone the reviewer thinks is fictional)... is only good because the lefties in the US media love communism. If the movie had included any voices of opposition they would have hated it.

Those crazy lefties!

Apparently a lot of movies are screamingly anti-god, anti-christian, and just unfairly "mean" to the clergy. I had no idea. But man am I glad this kind soul is here to open my eyes.

Thank god there are pages and pages of reviews from him. When something is this entertaining a certain volume of it is always appreciated.

It would be neat to see what he thought about something that actually meant something instead of his many reviews of batman and robin cartoons. some of the movies he reviews are actually really good. Most of them are just very odd choices for someone who claims that someone in character in a movie saying something negative like "God doesn't answer prayers" is the writer's "atheist agenda" shining through.

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