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Okay... I'm going to continue to obsess on this.

About Last Exit to Brooklyn (a dark dark movie, not for kids)

"When this was released, I thought this was one of the most profane films ever made. However, thanks to Martin Scorcese and a few other filmmakers like him, there have been mainline films worse, language-wise, than this....but this is a pretty brutal assault on one's ears. Hey, I can take a lot of it, but this got ridiculous. In the first six minutes alone, I heard a half-dozen usage's of the Lord's name in vain plus an untold number of f-words. I wonder how many people walked out of the theater watching this in 1990? I couldn't have been the only one."

Damn you Scorcese with your profanity!

About Resident Evil (why the fuck would he go see that?!) His subject was "Too macho & violent....And that's just the women!"

"The women in here are Hollywood's new type of heroine: tough-looking, tough-talking and overly macho. Whatever happened to nice girls? If you lived on another planet and only watched movies made on Earth, you'd think women were physically tougher than men, and all want to act like men. Michelle Rodriguez played a character ("Rain Ocampo") who personified this misconception to the hilt. She was annoying, to say the least, as was this film in general which is made to satisfy millions of immature young males. Judging by the amount of reviews here, the filmmakers succeeded."

But if I lived on another planet would I be one of God's creatures?

The Matador (another movie I can't believe he ever watched. It's about a hitman, for fucksake)

"However, when Julian knocked on the door late at the night in Denver, Colorado, at the house of his buddy "Danny Wright" (Greg Kinnear), the film began to turn sour, and went down the dumper in a hurry."

His biggest problem here?
Making this really bad was Hope Davis, playing Danny's wife, "Carolyn." Her character, in a flash, went from devoted, nice wife and ultra- profane "who is THIS person?" and was insulting to any viewer with a brain. For (about) 20 years of marriage, she was clean-mouthed, and all of a sudden come a half dozen f-words out of her in about 20 seconds? That typifies the whole last segment of this film, which really ruined a promising story that was looking good up until then.

The woman got mad and cussed.

The thing I adore about him is how he eats up CSI: Miami. Without sarcasm. He looooves it. Because a show that splashes around that much blood and that many dead bodies is dandy. But don't you dare have a differing opinion about God.

One last one becuase I have to close it or I'll be reading and ranting all day.

A Time to Kill, just my favorite bits, but the whole review is fantastic:
"This surely ranks in the Top Ten of all time left wing-biased films ever put on screen. Why do I say that? Check the movie out and you'll see:

The "good" people in this movie are young, beautiful, educated, hip and suave - everything Liberals picture themselves. The bad people are white trash Southern racists. The bad guys also are "God-fearing" people and that is repeated over and over and over so you get the analogy that scummy, uneducated people are the ones who talk about God."

The redneck rapists hide behind this guise of being "god fearing". It's in word, not in action and that's the point. They ARE NOT following their own faith. As a crazy christian you should be watch dogging that kind of thing, fella.

"That's hardly the end of it....it gets worse, playing race cards to a ridiculous degree. For instance, in the movie, a black guy who guns down two white people in cold blood and it is deemed "okay." I'm not making this up - it's in the film! Try to picture the opposite, because you would never see that on screen, and justifiably so."

A movie about race, violence, and revenge "plays the race card"? Two white people who raped, beat, and then PEED ON his 10 year old daughter. That's an important point, mister. And whether or not it was "okay" was left pretty much up to debate, no matter how the court ruled.

Shit talk it because it's trite or sentimental or really by the numbers, sure. But know what the hell the movie is about before you shit on it for being about what it's about.
Okay that made no sense, but whatever.

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