A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Cloverfield is really good. It is absofuckinglutely nothing like Blair Witch so STOP FUCKING FLAPPING THAT OUT OF YOUR DIRTY MOUTHS.

Also - don't be talky person. If you're scared or freaked out - sure, react. So OH LAWD NO! as much as you want. DO NOT point out really fucking obvious shit the whole movie in not-really-less-than-your-usual-speaking-voice. I'm watching the same movie you are. The people you are with are watching the same movie you are. If something happens that you need to talk about, jot down a note and discuss it later. If something happens that you don't understand, similarly, jot down a fucking note and ask later. Chances are it will be explained for you, ya fucking idiot.

I liked the movie. It was way better than I expected. Go into it hoping for actiony entertainment and you'll be good. And don't go at all if you get motion sickness easily.

Also - there was hysterical laughter in the theater over the Ironman trailer. I uh ... I don't understand why it's funny. It seemed to be because they were using the song "Ironman". I uh ... seems... I dunno... logical? It's a fucking comic book movie called IRONMAN. It's not going to have a Morricone score.

I took a billion pictures tonight. I want to edit them down for size and then post them. I may use my completely non-used Flickr account for that and just link it. LJ pictures is convenient and all... but it's kind of shitty.

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