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There is this thing stuck in my head from this Greg Egan book I can't remember the name of.

It's just this sort of ... concept gestalt (which is funny given that the book deals in one small part with "gestalt tags") so it's like... solipsism, nation of one, the whole... traveling through space that is not there because everything is just... coded. When traveling outside of the coded areas you can travel a million years out into nothing and never get any closer or further away from anything. Off the grid is off the grid, unplotable.

I really want to dig out that book and reread it now (and the one with the camera-eye'd guy and the manufactured island and all that) but all my books are still packed and in my sister's house and that makes me just... batshit annoyed.

Maybe I should go get a library card. I don't even know where a library is around here.

Looked it up... It's Diaspora. Fuck I love that book. I just realized there's books of his I haven't read. I've read Diaspora, Quarantine (artificial Island, RepoMan poster), Permutation City, and a... hmm, I want to say it was a book of short stories with another author but it might have been something cowritten by Egan and another author and it was really really good.

Damn. I'm losing my Book larnin. heh


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Jan. 25th, 2008 06:05 pm (UTC)
Actually, there's stuff there in all the off-grid areas-- but it's not *significant* stuff. Not coded, as you say. Like a twenty-year-old looking up liposomes in Wikipedia while standing in the middle of a library. Solipsism is one word for it, but there's a difference between not breaking out of the box you started in, and building your own smaller box.

Anyway, yeah, neat book. I was just re-reading Quarantine a few weeks ago, and lost it when I was halfway through, and then I got distracted by Connie Willis. Can you even stand Connie Willis? it seems like she's the sort of author who'd just make you rip your hair out.
Jan. 25th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
The solipsism bit referred specifically to that one character in the book whose issues centered around the concept of wanting to be a solipsist but having issues letting go entirely of other entities. But you're right - it pretty aptly applies to the whole space and a lot of the concepts in the book.

I've never read Connie Willis. There is a whole chunk of fiction (especially if it's predominantly attached to sci-fi and/or fantasy) that I just don't have any experience with. I started reading Egan because it was recommended to me and I'd already read some Gibson. Same with Harlan Ellison. So now I have a new author to check out. heh.
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