A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

So the TV we had redelivered today is doing EXACTLY the same thing as the first one. The bottom of the image is bowed up. It was described in a few places as "the TV is smiling at me". And that's entirely accurate. If I go out there and put the tiniest amount of pressure on the top of the TV bezel it BOWS. So - fuck Samsung's piece of shit DLP (and don't ever ever buy one no matter how good the price).

So - Irate as fuck - we headed back off to the store. We picked up the (holy shit fuck heavy) stand and.... bought a new TV (ignore that price. We did not pay that much for it). He's going to try to get it rushed to us so we can watch the Super Bowl. We're going to put the stand together tonight.

This time there was a TV in the store, we got a sales guy who was a deep geek who actually really *got* the technology in a big way and didn't do any vague bullshit jerking us around.

Granted I just spent another $2k-ish, but I'm very sure it will be worth it. I think.

Honestly at the moment I'm still in "I really just paid another $2k-ish for that fucking thing" shock mode. Not really buyers remorse. Just... shell shocked. It will last a good long time, it doesn't have any fucking bulbs to replace, no moving parts, and they'll still take it right the fuck back if we hate it.

And I think I pulled a muscle in my chest lifting that stand out of the car. We had to rip the box open in the driveway and struggle individual pieces into the house. Just getting it out of the car I ended up getting slowly pushed to the ground under the thing. Awful how weak I've gotten.

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