A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last night we watched Ms.45 followed by >Blood Feast. This was a great double feature even though the two movies really have nothing to do with each other.

Ms. 45 is a lot of things. It could easily be called exploitation if you wanted to go that route, but I really don't think it falls in that category very well, though I'm probably in the minority. It's a revenge picture - but not just that and not in the same way that other revenge pictures are. Sure it's low budget and kind of camp and a lot of the acting is... special. But I think it's actually... god I'm gonna say this... a *good* movie.

Abel Ferrara's camera technique is unique, interesting, and shows a willingness to take common shots from a very different direction. His story is also very clear and specific. Ultimately it's this morality play about right and wrong and how easily that gets tilted from one to the other. And it's really effective.

Also - he's in love with New York. He spends a lot of time with wide out street scenes. He lingers after the action has moved off screen on the random wander of people through the shot. Again - this is going to sound weird - but he really reminds me in this movie of young Scorsese and Goddard. In Breathless, Paris is a character in the movie. The feel, look, movement of the city is central to understanding the characters. Scorsese doesn't hide this fact in a lot of his movies either. There was an entire wave of directors in France who took this naturalistic/street life approach after Goddard and it's no wonder that that sensibility so easily translates to films in New York.

I think anyone calling this a revenge picture is missing the point. Anyone seeing it as exploitation is also missing the point. It's a little bit more than that and it's really interesting to see early Ferrara and how good he already was at creating really mesmerizing sequences. I could go on and on but I'll just save it for talking at Karl.

Blood Feast is Blood Feast. It's 67 minutes long with godawful sets, acting, plot, etc. It's fun - especially realizing they blew their whole budget on random chunks of meat from the butcher. I love bad movies that really MEAN it. And this one really means it.

Today as soon as we are properly caffienated we have a chunk of things to watch. Like Driller Killer (Ferrara's first movie). The other night I saw Vampyros Lesbos for the first time. And that was so awesome. So now it's Lips of Blood, Nude for Satan, Requiem for a Vampire, and Daughters of Darkness (which is better than the rest of these but fits in the whole Euro/Sleeze/Lesbian porn/horror thing)

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