A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Thrifty rental car is a company that doesn't have its shit together in any way shape or form. No one can just give you an answer about something when you call, it has to be faxed to someone else, they have to transfer you three or four times, and eventually they do things like... tell you to just wait for a few hours for a response. The one in Orlando is even worse because they don't even TRY to pretend there's any reason for anything and they all look and behave like shady salesman. Greasy hair and popping gum and this sort of dead "I'm gonna bullshit you now" look in the eyes. Add into that the really obnoxious "Orlando Tourist Board" located in the lobby there selling half priced admission tickets to people on a hard sell tactic to people who barely speak English and it's just one awful pit of a place.

In addition to that, just a word of advice - if you ever need to be in Daytona Beach for any reason at all, make sure it isn't March 1st through March 7th. That's Bike Week, when something like 1/4 of a million bikers descend on Daytona and generally have a pretty well mannered good time of things. But it means that every single hotel is booked solid, even the shit holes. And the bookings that aren't full are twice their usual rate.

The constant loud as fuck motorcycle noise doesn't bug me for some reason. What it does to the traffic really sucks, though.

I happened to glance over my shoulder last night while we were checking in just as a set of brunette twins in thongs, black lace pants, and bikini tops that just barely covered their nipples were directed toward the elevators by the dude walking behind them. The idea I have of Daytona Beach (mostly from the golf loving sub division where my in laws live) makes this sort of thing a great bit of cognitive dissonance.

I really really really miss my dog. And Alicia - I got your message and both me and Karl appreciate it a lot. I think we're covered on the home front at the moment, but if anything comes up we think we might need we'll give you guys a ring.

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