A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My crazy dog

Mika has her days where she's feeling more growly and angry than others. But for the most part if we're both here she's pretty mellow and happy. Yes, she's going to bark at the sound of trucks, people walking by, the mailman, anyone who delivers anything, and maybe even trucks and cars from a few streets away. That's uh .. mellow, right? heh.

But on days like today when Karl has a meeting or needs to go out for some reason she turns into this hyper-vigilante guard dog. The same dog who was laying mostly on top of me in a bed drooling all over my shirt and snoring just a few hours ago is pacing up and down the hallway, making circuits of the house, growling and being generally threatening to things that aren't there.

As soon as Karl's gone, she goes into full on protection mode. Which is sweet and very annoying at the same time. Because she also whines a LOT. Just by virtue of there being one fewer person in the house she immediately needs 4 times the attention. Despite her spending the morning in another room ignoring me completely while Karl was here.

Zukes bones are the only things that get her to chill out, settle in, maybe eventually just nap for awhile. I should buy stock in those things.

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