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We watched our first ever episode of Firefly the other day. I think it was way near the end of the series (the episode was called Serenity part 2) so we knew there was a lot of stuff that just wasn't going to make any sense. But it was on so we just wanted to get some sense of the show since its got so many screaming fan boys and girls.

First of all - I really really dislike Nathan Fillion. I saw him in a (pretty bad) movie well before seeing him in this and he was unlikeable and stiff and sort of "bad actory" even in that. He's worse in Firefly. Much worse. Like... 1/2 the time he spoke it was eyerollingly bad.

But beyond that - I just accept that I don't really get what's going on and that's fine. I was just interested in seeing the tone.

One huge question - WHY IS IT THE OLD WEST? Leather? 500 years in the future everyone is wearing leather chaps and vests and fringe? Really? Cowboy hats and horses with bedrolls and Mexican patterned blankets? WHY THE FUCK?

If you're going to make everyone speak vaguely as if they're all in the wild west they've got to commit. No random "ain't"s thrown in to the middle of an otherwise completely unaffected, unaccented monologue. Is the western flavor just so they could appeal to the steampunk crowd? Or is there some explanation and reason for it that is explained at the start of the series? I get that they're supposed to be outlaws, probably scrounging and building things on their own outside of the control of the central government. But why does that give them poor english skills and cowboy clothes?

someone explain please


Apr. 11th, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
There was a musical episode of Xena. I expect everyone to hate it - but it's just awesome. So we're nerding out on the same level in different directions.

I agree about the Terminator show.

And- The freaky thing was I had said "I'm just testy" and my husband replied with "You have two moods... antsy and testy"..." well now I'm antsy". Which is an Otis thing. And then not an hour later we see him on Firefly.

So it was creepy/awesome

...words, and roots of words.. and sometimes in LATIN....

seriously I think half my brain works solely on Kicking and Screaming quotes. You're Mr. Surprising, Goo.

And yes - I still think of you as "Goo"


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