A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Oh my god will it ever end!

- had a feelings dump with Karl last night. I feel so much better. I used to be so good at carrying around bad feelings but I just can't do it anymore. My "putting up with feeling awful" muscle is gone.

- I am no longer young, had to sleep eventually last night while Karl just didn't bother to try before his flight out.

- The alarm in the bedroom sucks because I can NEVER get it to turn off. EVER. it snoozes, but then just starts going off in another way. Music, then Music with lights, then alarm, then a different alarm, etc. Every single time I go through this with that thing and never learn to just push the button in the other direction. And the UI geek in me gives me full allowance to blame that on the designers and not on myself.

- Karl won this minuscule 1 GB iPod (I know... I know) from the last job just for being awesome. You know... just a few months before they laid off his entire group. He offered it to me for the plane, then loaded it up with stuff. But I wasn't allowed to look. So I've got some sort of unholy random-only "flying to the midwest" mix on this wee little iPod that I'll have to just... discover on the plane.

- This is the first time we'll be traveling separately like this. He's going to LA - I'm going to the midwest. I think one of us got the shitty end of this deal but I guess which of us could be debatable depending on your perspective.

- I have to put together "work attire" for this trip. Which means a bunch of different shirts with the ONE pair of dress pants I have right now. I'm such a schlub. I also don't really have a lot of shoe choices. How is it that I'm allowed to retain my girl license?

- This is also the first time in uh... 5 years? I'll be travelling alone. And the first "business trip" I've been on. So it's one big adulthood growing pain.

- Why the hell is this portioned out like a list? It clearly is not a list. Well.. it's a list of paragraphs. Fine.

- Books purchased recently - Ubik (Dick), Paycheck (Dick), The Divine Invasion (Dick), Delux/updated/recolored edition of Batman: The Killing Joke (Bolland and Moore), V for Vendetta (Lloyd and Moore - can't believe I've never read it), Stardust (Gaiman, Vess), Robot Dreams (Isaac Asimov), and American Gods (Gaiman).

- So far I've only read The Killing Joke and Ubik - But I'm just so looking forward to making it a point to fucking read more.

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