A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

when I get back from this trip, we're buying a new lawn mower. The one we have has been horribly abused, left in the rain, clogged with shit I never cleaned out of it, etc. But it was always kind of crappy, even brand new. it has the HILARIOUS phrase "reliable starting" across the top. The only thing reliable about the way this thing starts is that I'll have to spent 15 minutes priming and pulling the cord over and over and over and over again. that's really what I want to do in my neighborhood where I already feel like a weirdo. And since it's Saturday they're all doing that pleasant valley Sunday meet and greet in the court. And I'm out there red faced, dripping, pushing that awful rusted beast around on our patchy lawn.

Also- at least half of the greenery in our backyard isn't grass at all but wild pansies. They're awesome and I'm going to try to cut around them as much as I can.

Still have to do the backyard. But my bare minimum is done. I basically just need to deal with the lead up to packing and figuring out what to take with me and putting it somewhere where I'll remember it.

My eyes itch and I've got that "sweaty scalp" feeling. which sucks unless there is a breeze.
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