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I lack willpower

I didn't eat anything last night because I got busy and forgot. Then I didn't get to sleep until around 4 this morning.

I had some toast earlier. But nothing since. I think I should probably find/make food.

I have no motivation to go cook. And I just don't feel like ordering anything either. If Karl were here either of those things would be fine. but I don't feel like cooking for myself or going through the bother of an order just for me.

Karl left Tuesday. I've literally talked to him for less than 5 minutes since then. For a minute while he waited on a shuttle, for a minute while he was working the other day. I've had just as few texts with him too.

I can deal with him traveling or me traveling or whatever. I can deal with being alone just fine. I'm pretty good at it, actually. but it sucks that I haven't even talked to him, really. And I honestly don't know when he was supposed to be back. I know... 4 days no contact doesn't seem like a lot. But I've spent every day since December 14th with him in touching distance up until 3 weeks ago when all the travel stuff started up.

Also - I've lost my ability to play games on the computer. It has become a work-only thing at this point. I loaded up WoW earlier and kind of ran around in one of the areas, started to fly off somewhere and then just logged out. In just 10 minutes I tabbed out twice to refresh my mail despite not really expecting anything to show up. I just want to wind down a little, sit here and do nothing but entertain myself for a few hours. And I feel like I can't. Books make me thinky and I just want to talk about them. There aren't any shows that I want to see that aren't recorded for me and Karl to watch together. Same with movies. It's just sad when a house filled with as many distractions and opportunities to do nothing but goof off is just leaving me cold.


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May. 3rd, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
perhaps baking...
cookies or brownies... takes up a half an hour or so ... and you get a treat afterwards!!! and weren't you just saying you had amazing powers of distraction when you had work to do? Hmmm... hope K. rings ya soon, and you can always ring Boo and chat about missing WoW happiness.

May. 3rd, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Re: alternative, i've heard that your body is a wonderland
Heh, how is baking any less of a time commitment or effort than cooking? At least with cooking I don't have to measure anything.

But I ended up just ordering from some place we haven't gotten anything from in awhile and then watching both Clerk2 and Mission Impossible 3. A night of sequels! Both of which I've seen before. But it filled time!

May. 3rd, 2008 11:59 am (UTC)
alternative, i've heard that your body is a wonderland
You could always handwrite me a letter about how awesome i am. Not only is contemplating me pleasurable, but it shouldn't require you to be all that thinky because my splendor provides all the inspiration you need.
May. 3rd, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
Re: alternative, i've heard that your body is a wonderland
I don't know that it would be anything other than insulting. I'm sure my paltry turn of phrase could never do you justice.
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