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aye chihuahua

I need a new cross country person to call.
Haven't called allie yet... hmmm
I dunno how that will go. I get along so much better with the men types. When I'm a shit I can always woo them with my voice into forgiveness. I've got a pretty damned good voice. Too bad it's useful for so little and so little of what it *is* useful for has any meaning.
I think I'm going into some sort of sugar stupor. Tim came over to drag me out to help him move stuff around in his practice space (AGAIN) and has been feeding me pixy sticks one after another.
He says I need more sugar in my diet.
He says this, being another one of those gorgeous little stick men.
He says this because he likes me hyper.

NO ONE likes me hyper.
So I'm going to move huge nasty amps around and avoid putting my head into any cobwebs and I'm going to do this with all the pulled muscles in my arms from lifting my neice up to the top platform at the park over and over and over again.
She's nine, dammit.
She can climb.

more later.


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