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Rhett: They're using a robot to creep up on the stopped car on the freeway.
Rhett: This freeway has been shut down in both ways since eight o'clock.....two and a half hours ago.
Rhett: There are cars stuck behind the cop cars, last time they zoomed out.
Me: dear lord
Me: a robot?
Rhett: A robot
Rhett: Good sized wheeled gizmo with an extending claw-arm.
Rhett: It looks like it's bringing the guy in the car a cell phone.
Rhett: They're showing footage of the guy aiming a mac-10 at a driver who wasn't moving out of the way.
Me: you realize how insane that is, right?
Rhett: Well, yes
Rhett: lol
Rhett: I thought you meant the mac-10
RHett: lol
Rhett: What's wrong with a robot with a cell phone?
Me: the guy has been sitting there in the car for hours.
he's just chillin there with a gun.
They're sending in a ROBOT.
does he have hostages or something?
Rhett: Nope, just the gun.
Rhett: He took shaving cream or something like that and covered the inside of the windows so they can't see him.
Me: so how is he gonna see the robot?
Rhett: I dunno......all we got to see was the robot approach the van and we see the dude's arm stick out a crack in the window to grab whatever it was on a string hanging from the robot's claw.

The thing that disturbs me most about this whole thing....
is that.. okay ... well.. there's several things..
first of all, it's all televised.
and second. and more important.. THEY HAD A ROBOT READY FOR THIS.
This is just... monumental.
How many states have cell phone delivery robots?
Why don't we know about them?
Who *controls* the bots? are they AI? FED only? state troopers?
who's in control of these rampaging metal behemoths and their cell phones?

I'm totally boggled.

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